Sunday, March 3, 2013

Roses are red, Violets are blue...

Here's to another amazing craigslist find. I saw these chairs a couple days ago and needed them! We negotiated them down to $40. So $20 each. Obviously you can tell that I'm in love with tub chairs. These seemed more beachy to me so I had to have them.

Here's one in our office:

 I added our grey gotcha pillow blogged about here. (World Market curtains found here.)

I love the lines on these. Little details always reel me in. The other chair will be put in our room, which I will be blogging about soon!! :)

Here's the cork board I redid here. I added some fabric swatches and some pictures of Ross and I while we were dating.

There's one other picture on there as well....

A possible new family member! Medved's new little sister Violet (name the shelter gave her) could, if we're chosen, be our new little rugrat. I'm already in love with her, just look at those eyes! How could I not!! I hope they call but if they don't I hope she finds a nice home that would love her as much as us!

So there's our new beautiful chairs and maybe (fingers crossed) our new little puppy. :)

Happy Sunday...


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