Sunday, March 3, 2013

Roses are red, Violets are blue...

Here's to another amazing craigslist find. I saw these chairs a couple days ago and needed them! We negotiated them down to $40. So $20 each. Obviously you can tell that I'm in love with tub chairs. These seemed more beachy to me so I had to have them.

Here's one in our office:

 I added our grey gotcha pillow blogged about here. (World Market curtains found here.)

I love the lines on these. Little details always reel me in. The other chair will be put in our room, which I will be blogging about soon!! :)

Here's the cork board I redid here. I added some fabric swatches and some pictures of Ross and I while we were dating.

There's one other picture on there as well....

A possible new family member! Medved's new little sister Violet (name the shelter gave her) could, if we're chosen, be our new little rugrat. I'm already in love with her, just look at those eyes! How could I not!! I hope they call but if they don't I hope she finds a nice home that would love her as much as us!

So there's our new beautiful chairs and maybe (fingers crossed) our new little puppy. :)

Happy Sunday...


Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's a Settee!...

We really needed something in our Living Room to fill it up. The first plan was to save up for a couch which we were doing. I really wanted this one. But it just seemed weird to spend that much on a couch that we would probably have to sell once we moved. (Where would we again have a Family room and Living room this early in the game?) So I started to look through craigslist. And this is what I found:

Okay granted it needs ALOT of work BUT it was only $25.00! So the other $250 or so we had saved up was used to pay off bills, fund my gap clothes addiction or whatever else our hearts desired.

She isn't great to look at right now and she's a little small and low for this room but eventually I would love to put her at the end of a bed. Here's a few pictures of Settee's at the end of a bed that I love:

We all know I'm a huge fan of velvet in decor. Unfortunately Ross isn't.

via: Better Homes and Gardens

This room was done by Phoebe Howard one of my favorite Designers.

via: Pinterest

I just thought this one was so girly and pretty.

via: Heidi Claire

I love the mix of colors here. And the garden stool beside it.

via: Pinterest

Ours dates back to the 30's. I really want to recover it with a linen like fabric, keep the legs how they are, kinda rustic looking and find a couple cute pillows to dress it up. Kinda like this:

via: the cottage mix

Oh and by the way on our way to pick her up Ross kept calling her a couch and I corrected him and he's been making fun of me ever since. It's a SETTEE! In a British accent. Haha whatever. She is what she is.

I'll try to keep you updated. I'm nervous to get started. I wish they had a re-upholstery class around here! :)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

World Market Stripes...

Okay I don't know if I've ever admitted to this but I have an obsession with World Market. It's by far one of my favorite stores and I just so happen to have moved a mile from one. IN LOVE...

They can be expensive so I signed up for their rewards program and get their deals in my email every day. Over Presidents Day weekend they were having a sale on rugs and CURTAINS! I've been trying to figure out curtains for the living room so we bought these!

I originally wanted to do blue and white thick stripes but I loved how subtle these were.

They're a light linen with jute stripes. So organic and perfect.

They were only $15.99 a panel! I never realized how expensive curtains were so this is a pretty good deal.

Now I'm working on a new furniture redo (I'll post a before pic soon) and adding some more pillows and art work.

Side Note:

Ross was actually just granted a restart in his program here so we'll be here until July of 2014. So now I really need to actually settle.  It's so hard being in the Military and no where you live is set in stone. My life for the next few years! I'm now thinking about going back to school if I can find the right program to finish up around here and going to find a few new hobbies to take up my time.  Making a few friends would be nice too! My one friend's husband just got his orders to Texas so they're leaving next month :( Again, all part of this new life we're living!

It's exciting though :)


P.s. I welcome all visitors. We have tons of room for people to stay and I could use the company!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Not to much has been going on. Still trying to eat healthy lately. We went to San Francisco last weekend for a night and I ate pretty bad the whole time so it's been hard to get back into the swing of things. It was fun either way! I'll post pictures soon. :)

I wanted to post about a clock that I got a long time ago now, in the first week I lived here actually. When Dave and I got to Monterey (after our cross country trip) we stayed at a hotel that wasn't far from the Fairgrounds. Dave, being adventurous, wanted to go take a look around and came upon this area at the fairgrounds where they have tag sales on Mondays. Anyone can go set up a table and sell stuff. Mostly old beat up stuff...

He told me about it when he got back and we decided to go back down. I looked at everything and came across this clock.

It needed a new battery and a little cleaning up but for $3 I felt it was worth it! And Dave even paid for it :) So this was the first thing I bought for the house as soon as I got here.

Ross and I finally got a new backing for it. Which included having to get new hands for it. (the old ones were longer and cooler looking :( but I still love it! The color is what attracted me - it lives in our living room for now.

You can kinda see in the picture above that it was made by Seth Thomas. I looked up Seth Thomas Clocks and found a cute little history on them. :)

Thought I'd share! Thanks again Dave!!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Grey Florals...

Been trying to add a few healthy habits to my life lately. Eating healthy, exercising and taking vitamins everyday, and working on fighting negative thought patterns. Rough days ahead implementing those. But I'm hopeful.

Okay, on to things that make me happy no matter how I'm feeling...

New Pillows! :) I'm so easy and hard to please at the same time. Is that possible??

I stated that I wanted some cute pillows for the new chairs in the living room that I posted about here.

Here's what I found:

We were shopping in Marshall's one day (For Med's Christmas gifts, he's so spoiled) and I came across them.  There were about $16 each. Normally, I wouldn't spend that much but they were feathered filled (the only kind I use in my decor). AND I loved the pattern.  Not going to lie, I've bought pillows just for the feather insert and thrown the pillow case away! So this was a twofer!

It's kinda sad/funny that I spent more money on these pillows than on the chairs themselves. :p

New furniture premieres soon!



Monday, January 7, 2013


Hi! So we had a great month of December. I'm going to recap Christmas and a few things from Ross' holiday vacation and go over New Years Resolutions!!

So Christmas was nice and quiet here. Just us and the dog.

Here's the living room with the tree and stockings. :)

And the family room :) My sister Michelle made the Christmas quilt for me a couple years ago and I put our Christmas pillows out!!

We went a little over board with gifts again this year. Always just a ton of small things, so there's more to open :) Some of my gifts included a new watch that I love, this journal that I wanted, some yoga stuff, some design books and my Vera Bradley planner for the year. Always so spoiled :)

We didn't do much over his break. Just relaxed and watched movies, went for a lot of walks and slept in! We did take a drive down to Big Sur and it was beautiful!

Here's a few pictures!

News Years was a little lame. We didn't even stay up. But I did make a few resolutions to start off the new year right.

Some include:

Read something everyday
Start running again
Remember everyone's Birthday this year by sending a card
Celebrate ALL holidays more joyfully
Grow out my hair!

Very general ones this year and not too hard. Setting myself up for success.

I have done a few projects over the last few weeks so I'll post again soon!



Thursday, November 29, 2012

Warm Yellow...

Just a quick little post to end November with. November - yes, it is November. I have to remind myself everyday because well it's like 65 degrees and sunny here.  Christmas is going to be BIZARRE!.

Alright the post at hand - I bought a cute little outside table set for out back yard patio thingy on Craigslist for $40 and we spray painted it probably a month and a half ago now. It's so cute. Even Ross loves it. Granted we never really sit out here. Every once in a while I'll sit out and just enjoy the sunshine while Med is sunbathing.

Okay pictures...

Halfway in the middle of the spraying. (RUST-OLEUM, Warm Yellow)

It took like 3 coats to cover it. It just kept seeping threw.

And here's the after.

We love walking by it each day.

We also bought a holder from World Market to hold the lantern I bought at Z Gallerie last year.

 Now to get our back yard from looking like a patch work quilt. The things you put up with to have a dog....